Do you have a team of intelligent, well paid account managers knee deep in admin, data crunching and ad hoc business queries?

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    Do you want to:

    Save an average 8% of time per week spent on analysis & admin?

    Deliver faster, better insights?

    Make quicker business decisions?

    Maximise returns for your business by turning insight into action?


    Do you want to:

    Reduce headcount costs of administrative support?

    Free capacity for your team to take on more responsibility?

    Allow smoother employee transition & handover periods?

    Be more responsive to your customer?


Daily sales of thousands of products captured across 88,441 grocery outlets result in the masses of data that the UK retail industry thrives on.

An average FMCG professional will spend over 8 hours per week in Excel mining this data to reconcile sales and forecast promotions as well as monitoring their business performance and that of competitors. Little formal training with this type of data results in most people working very inefficiently and inaccurately.    

Franklin John are not a typical IT training provider.  We combine years of FMCG experience and exceptional trainers with IT expertise to deliver a highly effective, bespoke training solution to banish these ineffective hours. 

Bespoke Microsoft Excel training for FMCG professionals:

  • Spreadsheet basics
  • Top Tips & Time Saving
  • EPOS tracking & reconciliation
  • ROI analysis
  • JBP Models and Scenario Planning

“This was the most relevant Excel course I have attended, as the content was focused on the key elements that we would use on a daily/weekly basis”

John Sutcliffe – Taylors of Harrogate

“I thought it was a great session and the most efficient use of a day I have had in a long time, the time saving tips and overall Excel capability you shared was incredible”

Ross Warnes – Unilever

In the toughest competitive environment ever can you afford for your team NOT to have this training?

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