Henry Stafford (Commercial Manager, innocent)

“Quite simply, this tracker is an absolute Godsend! It perfectly addresses everything we’ve been looking for and has all the useful category information here at the click of a button. Not only does it compile a host of complex data in one spreadsheet; but it does it in a simple and manageable format.

Thanks again for your help pulling such a useful tracker for us. Given trackers often add complexity and time, great to have one which really does the opposite!”

Kate Nixon (Category Manager, innocent)

“The tool Emily has created has been invaluable as the it has created a one stop shop for topline account information.  The tool saves me time pulling data and I can immediately set about to look at risks and opportunities in more detail”

Rhian Williams (Category Manager, innocent)

“Emily was an absolute pleasure to deal with in developing the tracker – incredibly proactive and efficient. She completely understood what we were trying to achieve and worked collaboratively and honestly with us to get the best outcome for our needs. I now use the appropriate parts of the tracker for both internal and external meetings, and it is also used to populate reporting charts and tables, which has saved the entire Category team days each month”

Nadine Thompson (Head of UK Sales, Berghaus)

“Franklin John were the right company as you really understand from a sales perspective what we wanted to achieve and understand that the principles are the same whatever product or industry you are working in”

Nick West (Account Manager, Taylors of Harrogate)

“This course was hugely relevant to my job, make it two days!”

John Sutcliffe (Channel Controller, Taylors of Harrogate)

“This was the most relevant Excel course I have attended, as the content was focused on the key elements that we would use on a daily/weekly basis.  I would definitely recommend this course – good pace and the content was tailor made for account management”

Natalie Cross (Account Manager, Taylors of Harrogate)

“I would recommend this course to my colleagues, the key feature was the small group and being able to practice rather than being told/talked to”

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