Franklin John are a training consultancy specialising in IT skills for the FMCG industry. Founder Emily Hannity (née John) combines 15 years of FMCG experience, a computing degree and a passion for training to help FMCG professionals get more out of their data and simplify the basics. 

Feedback for Franklin John:

“Franklin John were the right company as you really understand from a sales perspective what we wanted to achieve and understand that the principles are the same whatever product or industry you are working in.”

Nadine Thompson – Head of UK Sales, Berghaus

“I think this training is more applicable than other courses I have attended.  I think most are relevant but hard to use more than a couple of times a year, this I will use daily”

Charles Arundel – Unliever

Franklin John’s mission is to maximise the productivity of the FMCG sales force across the UK enabling more time selling and less time number crunching In a complex, fast paced industry full of data, systems and process we provide bespoke, simple, actionable training to build individual and team capacity. In turn this frees up time and builds capability to get to better data insights faster.

Specialising in Microsoft Excel, we make tracking and analysis of EPOS and shopper data easy and accurate. The hours saved by each individual every week (a minimum of 1-3 hours) means this training pays back exceptionally quickly not to mention delivering a deeper level of insight and category understanding. Up skilling a data heavy organisation in spreadsheet manipulation is the most efficient way of creating capacity in a sales team.

Based on the Warwickshire Oxfordshire border, Franklin John will work across the UK with small regional or multi-national suppliers.

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