In at the deep end…

Why leave a very well paid, secure job to work for myself?  The simple answer is passion.  After nearly 9 years a job can get very repetitive and cyclical. I was finding it harder every year to get enthusiastic about the latest packaging change or TV ad campaign.

Where my real passion lies is in developing people and making things as simple and easy as possible, so why not do this every day?  The inspiration for the business came during a training course I ran in my office on Microsoft Excel.  My colleagues said it had been the most useful course they’d ever been on and it gave me more satisfaction that anything else I’d done in the last year.  It was also very clear that if they had such limited knowledge of what Excel could do for them, then there are lot of people out there who need my help.

Since then I’ve been so excited to get started and here I finally am with the launch of my own website.  Hopefully I’ll meet many more of you soon, looking forward to hearing from you.

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