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Campari Group, a spirits company home to iconic brands such as Aperol, Skyy vodka and Bulldog gin, has been growing at an extremely fast rate.  UK sales reached such a size that the Italian business opened an office in London in 2014.  Growth continued to escalate and Campari recruited at a rapid rate.  With so many new colleagues, training and development was a big focus.  Excel was identified as top of the wish list across the company so Emily was brought in to design and deliver an Excel training programme.

Emily sent out an online survey to all employees to understand the level of skill of each individual, along side information about their role and data sources.  Of the 44 respondents Emily grouped them into 5 separate training sessions;

  • 3 Sales groups (Mults & Brewers, NAMs and Off Trade)
  • Marketing
  • Multi-functional


She then spent time with a sample of people from each group to understand their work within both the on and off trade channels.  Emily designed 5 different days of training and delivered them at Camapri’s office in The Shard.










The Feedback

“I felt that the course was very useful, even though I felt very proficient on Excel. I learnt a lot though, and all felt very relevant”

Anonymous, Business Development Manager


“Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for organizing and delivering the training last week. A great session with lots of efficiency generating learnings to take away.”

Sam Chandler, Senior Brand Manager



If you would like to discuss a similar project for your team, please get in touch:
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