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When putting together their 2019 Learning & Development plans the J&J UK Consumer commercial team identified Excel skill as a big gap in their organisation and wanted to offer all Sales and Shopper Marketing employees the opportunity to be trained.

Emily surveyed the organisation to understand exactly what the gaps were and how this varied by team.  J&J had a specific budget that they worked with Emily to maximise, so everyone who wanted training could be trained.  This was achieved within the budget via a combination of team specific training days, 2 hour workshops on particular areas of interest and an EPOS tracking day for Mults Account Managers.

Overall 9 unique training days were designed and delivered to circa 70 colleagues.  All the training was very well received and here is what people had to say about it:

“I thought the course was great, Emily really understood what we were looking to get out of it and had tailored the content which was really appreciated. It was well thought out and flowed really well.”

“I thought this was a great course. Emily is so knowledgeable and really took the time to understand our needs as a team. She really tailored this course to our team’s needs and made effort to include examples which we were able to relate to and apply the principles to.”

“Thank you again for taking the time to run through this with us. I really appreciated the fact you tailored this to our team’s needs and also helped us to tackle the beast that is the budget tracker! We are all very excited to see improvements on this”

“Thanks for the follow up. I found the session incredibly useful and have already successfully expanded the EPOS tracker to include brands that we sell; once I have a few missing months’ data I will have a fully functioning tracker!”


If you would like to discuss a similar project for your team, please get in touch:

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