Nadine Thompson (Head of UK Sales, Berghaus)

“Franklin John were the right company as you really understand from a sales perspective what we wanted to achieve and understand that the principles are the same whatever product or industry you are working in”

Nick West (Account Manager, Taylors of Harrogate)

“This course was hugely relevant to my job, make it two days!”

John Sutcliffe (Channel Controller, Taylors of Harrogate)

“This was the most relevant Excel course I have attended, as the content was focused on the key elements that we would use on a daily/weekly basis.  I would definitely recommend this course – good pace and the content was tailor made for account management”

Natalie Cross (Account Manager, Taylors of Harrogate)

“I would recommend this course to my colleagues, the key feature was the small group and being able to practice rather than being told/talked to”

Ross Warnes (Senior Account Manager, Unilever)

“I thought it was a great session and the most efficient use of a day I have had in a long time, the time saving tips and overall Excel capability you shared was incredible”

Emily Johnston (Account Manager, Unilever)

“It was very useful to have relevant, real examples to Unilever and account management”

Alix McCaffrey (Account Manager, Unilever)

“It’s great to have a trainer who really understands how we use the tools”

Sabrina Kazmi (Team ‘Excel Ninja’, Unilever)

“Emily is an excellent trainer.  Very friendly and helpful!”

Charles Arundel (Account Manager, Unilever)

“I think this training is more applicable than other courses I have attended.  I think most are relevant but hard to use more than a couple of times a year, this I will use daily”

Luke O’Connor (Account Manager & Graduate Training Course Owner, Procter & Gamble)

“Emily had the room captivated with her easy to follow, engaging style. The general consensus was “I wish I’d had this training years ago, it will save me hours every week!”

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